Non-Contact Ultrasound

Application of Advanced Non-Contact Ultrasound for Composite Material Qualification

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Measurement of Prepreg LOI - SAMPE

Standard Method for Measurement of Prepreg Level of Impregnation using Non-Contact Ultrasound

Contact-Free Ultrasound: The Final Frontier in Non-Destructive Materials Characterization

Evolution of Non-Contact Ultrasonic Analysis and its Applications for Hidden Objects Detection

Final Frontier of Ultrasound: Realization of High Frequency Non-Contact Analysis

High Frequency Non-Contact Ultrasonic Analysis: A Practical Reality

High Frequency Non-Contact Ultrasonic Distance Level Measurement

High Transduction Piezoelectric Transducers and Introduction of Non-Contact Analysis

Introduction to Contact-Free Ultrasonic Characterization and Analysis of Consolidated Materials

Measurement of elastic constants in composite materials using air coupled ultrasonic bulk waves

Measuring Green Body Density

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Characterization of Ceramics and Composites

Noncontact Ultrasonics: Spectacular Ultrasonic Revolution for Major Industrial & Biomedical Uses

Noncontact Ultrasonics: Summary of Recent Developments and Observations

Non-Contact Ultrasound: The Last Frontier in Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

Phenomenal Advancements in Non-Contact Ultrasonic Analysis

Quality Innovations - Ultrasonic Transducer Requires No Contact

The Next Wave: Evaluating Green Ceramics with Non-Contact Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Analysis of Plastics, Rubbers, & Composites

Ultrasonic Characterization of Structural Properties of Oriented Strandboard

Non-Contact Ultrasound: The Final Frontier in Non-destructive Analysis

Critical Comparison of Contact and Non-Contact Ultrasound

Destruction of Bacterial Spores by Phenomenally High Efficiency Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transducers

Non-Contact Ultrasound Materials Testing for Process and Quality Control for Energy, Cost, and Environment Savings

Level of Impregnation Measurement SAMPE 2015 Technical Paper

Rapid Measurement of Physical Properties of Cheddar Cheese Using a Non-Contact Ultrasound Technique

Destruction of Bacterial Spores by Non-Contact Ultrasound

Evolution of Piezoelectric Transducers to Full Scale Non-Contact Ultrasonic Analysis Mode

Development of Non-Contact Ultrasound as a Sensor for Wood Moisture Content

Contact and Immersion Ultrasound

A Technical Proposal on Ultrasonic Refractory Corrosion Measurement at Elevated Temperatures

Advances in Ultrasound for Materials Characterization

Basic Considerations for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization of Materials

Design of Novel Instruments to Maximize Newly Discovered Sonochemical Effects for Ceramic Reactions Acceleration

Dry Coupling, Lambda, and Geometrical Acoustic Transducers - Three Jewels for Ultrasonic NDC

Getting Started with Ultrasonic NDC

High Resolution Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization

Important Considerations and Experimental Procedures for Properties Measurements and Internal Imaging by Modern Ultrasonic Methods

Lambda Transducers: Their Features and Applications in Nondestructive Characterization of Materials

Logic of Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization

Major Developments in Ultrasonic Sensor Technology for Industrial Safety & Materials Reliability and for Healthcare

Microstructure Characterization of Superconductors by Wideband Ultrasonic Spectroscopy

Modern Ultrasonic Concepts of NDC

NDC Begins Where NDT Stops

Nondestructive Characterization of Green and Sintered Ceramics

Nondestructive Characterization of Green Materials

Practical Ultrasonic NDTE of Materials

Principles and Methods of Ultrasonic Characterization of Materials

Simple Ultrasonic NDC for Advanced Ceramics Development & Manufacture

Ultrasonic Attenuation of Partially Sintered Ceramics: Experimental Analysis

Ultrasonic Characterization of Ceramic Superconductors

Ultrasonic Characterization of Green and Sintered Ceramics: I Time Domain

Ultrasonic Characterization of Green and Sintered Ceramics: II Frequency Domain

Ultrasonic Characterization of Green and Sintered Ceramics

Ultrasonic Detection of Distal Transverse Screw Holes

Ultrasonic NDC - A Historical Perspective and Practical Concepts

Ultrasonic NDC of Agricultural Products

Very High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers for In-Situ and Intermittent Applications

Nondestructive Evaluation (Smart Materials)


Non-Contact Ultrasonic Inspection for Continuous Feedback in Manufacturing - JEC Europe 2013

Level of Impregnation Measurement SAMPE 2015 Presentation