Low frequency transducers with Ultran proprietary gas matrix piezocomposite (GMP™) for high sensitivity and bandwidth.  Designed for use in water and other non-corrosive liquids.  All units built standard with top mount UHF connectors.  Models 25 mm and lower constructed with stainless steel housing; 38 mm and higher constructed with PEEK housing.

GMP™ Immersion

Active Diameter
13 mm 19 mm 25 mm 38 mm 50 mm 63 mm 100 mm
30 kHz GS30-D19 GS30-D25 GS30-D38 GS30-D50 GS30-D63 GS30-D100
50 kHz GS50-D13 GS50-D19 GS50-D25 GS50-D38 GS50-D50 GS50-D63 GS50-D100
100 kHz GS100-D13 GS100-D19 GS100-D25 GS100-D38 GS100-D50 GS100-D63 GS100-D100
140 kHz GS140-D13 GS140-D19 GS140-D25 GS140-D38 GS140-D50 GS140-D63 GS140-D100
200 kHz GS200-D13 GS200-D19 GS200-D25 GS200-D38 GS200-D50 GS200-D63 GS200-D100
350 kHz GS350-D13 GS350-D19 GS350-D25 GS350-D38 GS350-D50 GS350-D63 GS350-D100
500 kHz GS500-D13 GS500-D19 GS500-D25 GS500-D38 GS500-D50 GS500-D63
Height 38 38 38 38 38 50 50
OD 22 25 32 47 68 80 120

GMP™ Wide Bandwidth Immersion

Active Diameter
13 mm 19 mm 25 mm 38 mm 50 mm 63 mm 100 mm
30 kHz GWS30-D19 GWS30-D25 GWS30-D38 GWS30-D50 GWS30-D63 GWS30-D100
50 kHz GWS50-D13 GWS50-D19 GWS50-D25 GWS50-D38 GWS50-D50 GWS50-D63 GWS50-D100
100 kHz GWS100-D13 GWS100-D19 GWS100-D25 GWS100-D38 GWS100-D50 GWS100-D63 GWS100-D100
140 kHz GWS140-D13 GWS140-D19 GWS140-D25 GWS140-D38 GWS140-D50 GWS140-D63 GWS140-D100
200 kHz GWS200-D13 GWS200-D19 GWS200-D25 GWS200-D38 GWS200-D50 GWS200-D63 GWS200-D100
350 kHz GWS350-D13 GWS350-D19 GWS350-D25 GWS350-D38 GWS350-D50 GWS350-D63 GWS350-D100
500 kHz GWS500-D13 GWS500-D19 GWS500-D25 GWS500-D38 GWS500-D50 GWS500-D63