Low frequency transducers with Ultran proprietary gas matrix piezocomposite (GMP™) for high sensitivity and bandwidth.  Designed for use with a replaceable delay line.  All standard units include removable polystyrene delay line and built with stainless steel housing and side mount BNC connectors.  Additional delay lines of various lengths available upon request.

Active Diameter
13 mm 19 mm 25 mm 38 mm 50 mm 63 mm 100 mm
30 kHz GRD30-D19 GRD30-D25 GRD30-D38 GRD30-D50 GRD30-D63 GRD30-D100
50 kHz GRD50-D13 GRD50-D19 GRD50-D25 GRD50-D38 GRD50-D50 GRD50-D63 GRD50-D100
100 kHz GRD100-D13 GRD100-D19 GRD100-D25 GRD100-D38 GRD100-D50 GRD100-D63 GRD100-D100
140 kHz GRD140-D13 GRD140-D19 GRD140-D25 GRD140-D38 GRD140-D50 GRD140-D63 GRD140-D100
200 kHz GRD200-D13 GRD200-D19 GRD200-D25 GRD200-D38 GRD200-D50 GRD200-D63 GRD200-D100
350 kHz GRD350-D13 GRD350-D19 GRD350-D25 GRD350-D38 GRD350-D50 GRD350-D63 GRD350-D100
500 kHz GRD500-D13 GRD500-D19 GRD500-D25 GRD500-D38 GRD500-D50 GRD500-D63