Mid to high frequency transducers designed for use in high temperature environments, up to 250◦C.  Designed with fixed delay and constructed with high temperature resistant materials.  Includes potted cable terminated into a BNC connector.

Active Diameter
3.2 mm 6.3 mm 9.5 mm 12.5 mm 19.0 mm 25.0 mm
500 kHz HTD50-0.5 HTD75-0.5 HTD100-0.5
1 MHz HTD12-1 HTD25-1 HTD37-1 HTD50-1 HTD75-1 HTD100-1
2 MHz HTD12-2 HTD25-2 HTD37-2 HTD50-2 HTD75-2 HTD100-2
5 MHz HTD12-5 HTD25-5 HTD37-5 HTD50-5 HTD75-5 HTD100-5
10 MHz HTD12-10 HTD25-10 HTD37-10 HTD50-10