Ultran analyzed several samples of wind turbine blade prepreg for Tecsis Corporation (manufactured by Gurit).  Samples provided included a number of different defects including the following:

  • dry fibers
  • wave defects
  • fuzzball defects
  • fiber distortion

All marked defects were clearly visible using Ultran’s non-contact ultrasound technology.

The NCU systems produced by Ultran can be directly applied to in-process quality control to identify defects either during prepreg production or prior to layup during wind turbine blade production.

Sample 1 C-Scan – Marked Fiber Distortion (backing on both sides)

Sample 2 C-Scan – Marked Wave Defect (backing on bottom only)

Sample 3 C-Scan – Marked Fuzz Ball (backing on bottom only)

Sample 4 C-Scan – Marked Dry Tow Area Seca (backing on both sides)

Sample 5 C-Scan – (backing on both sides)

Sample 6 C-Scan – Marked Fuzz Ball (backing on bottom only)