This analysis was performed for the purpose of measuring the resin weight/area of the prepreg material and level of impregnation.  The analysis also measured distribution uniformity of the prepreg.

The results from the analysis show a distinct correlation between the ultrasound transmissivity and resin weight/area.  The results also show localized non-uniformities (if present).

The correlation analysis demonstrates that Ultran’s NCU can accurately measure thermoset prepreg resin content.

  • R²=95% for a very small sample set

Samples provided by Delta Tech (Delta Preg) of Italy and Hyosung of Korea

Correlation Between Resin Content and NCU Transmissivity – Delta Preg

C-Scan Images of Prepreg for Varying Resin Content (grams per square meter)

Correlation Between Level of Impregnation and NCU Transmissivity at 1 MHz frequency – Hyosung Prepreg

Localized Non-Uniformity for Epoxy Carbon Unidirectional Prepreg

Product: T800-140-DT235-37 F

Lot: H14-1113 – Delta Preg