Ultran has performed extensive analysis on prismatic lithium ion battery cells for a number of industries, including consumer electronics.

Analysis was conducted on battery cells with different levels of certain properties, including:

  • The distribution of electrolytes
  • Charge level
  • Gas Voids

Ultran’s non-contact ultrasound technology is shown to detect variations in each of the above conditions.

Focused transducers demonstrate the capability to measure localized variations in high resolution.

High frequency analysis depicts minute property variations.

Battery samples provided by LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, and other sources

Prismatic Battery Cells Provided by LG Chemical

Variations possibly due to charge level differences between samples

Battery Cell with Known Regions of Electrolyte Non-Uniformity

Prismatic Battery Cells Provided by Samsung SDI

Variations likely due to Gas Voids (blue) and electrolyte distribution (red/yellow)